Kids Spy Activity Queenstown

This is an awesome activity for kids visiting Queenstown. Parents puchase their mission and plot a way to surprise their child with the mission. Once they have been presented with their Spy Pack and recruited as 'Secret Agents', kids are required to run around Queenstown Wharf, finding clues and solving the latest mystery of the Kids Spy Network! The mission includes entry to the KJET underwater observatory, which is an amazing experience of it's own. 


Kids have amazing imaginations and love learning about the world around them. We created the original spy mission fifteen years ago so that our ten-year-old brother would pay more attention to the destinations he was visiting on a world trip. 


Halfway through his first flight, a flight attendant (recruited by our parents) approached him, handing him his 'Top Secret' mission. Truly believing he was a spy, our brother diligently collected stamps, postcards, maps and brochures during his travels, all the while taking notes about his activities and answering questions about his destination. 


The idea of the Kids Spy Network has grown from there and we have created a mission specifically for the location of Queenstown. This mission is ideally for children over the age of seven, however, younger children still enjoy the experience with the extra help of an adult. The missions is suitable both for local children and those visiting. 


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kids spy activity queenstown

How It Works

1. Order Your Mission 

Use the form below to order and pay for your child's mission or purchase from Bound Bookshop located at 1B/3 Church Street

2. Check Your Mailbox

If you prefer to have your mission posted, please allow 7 days delivery within NZ and 2 weeks to Australia. 

(This is the fun part!) 

3. Deliver The Mission To Your Child. 

The magic of the secret mission comes from children believing they have really been recruited as an international spy. Some suggestions to make the experience more realistic are...


  • Ask A Waiter to Bring it to your table halfway through dinner.

  • Hide it in the mailbox (Once you've filled out the agent profile) or leave it under their pillow.

  • Have hotel staff bring it to your room.

  • Hide it in a book they're reading.

  • Stick it under their chair, then have someone hand them a note saying "Look under your seat".

Here's What Some Of Our Agents Have Been Up To

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.14.10 PM
Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.55.10 PM
kids activity queenstown
Kids Activity queenstown
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.15.41 PM
kids activity queenstown
kids activity queenstown