Free Lockdown Missions

To help little kiwi agents through these tricky lockdown periods, we're offering a free mini-mission. This a two-page printable activity with exciting videos from our agents, Rabbit and Mountain Lion.


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How to deliver the mission to your child


The magic of the secret mission comes from children believing they have really been recruited as an international spy. Some suggestions to make the experience more realistic are...

Add their name to the mission and choose a secret agent name for them. Eg. Red Fox, Blue Hawk....


  • Have it left at the front door after hearing a mysterious knock.

  • Hide it in the mailbox, have children check for mail

  • Hide it in a book they're reading.

  • Stick it under their chair, then have them find a note that says 'look under your seat'.

  • Send it to the printer to print out when you're not in the room.