This mission can be done anywhere

The Hunt For The Red Raven is an interactive secret mission for kids to complete by breaking codes, solving puzzles and  answering questions. 


The Red Raven is a notorious mischief maker and the newly recruited agents of the Kids Spy Network will help our senior Agent Stealthcat uncover the clues to track the Red Raven around the world. This is a great activity for children who can read. It can be done anywhere, at any time and kids can do it alone or in groups. This is a fantastic birthday party activity, taking between 30 mins - 1 hour to complete. 


The secret to making these missions exciting for kids is to make them feel as though they have really been recruited as an international secret agent.  Kids have amazing imaginations and love learning about the world around them. My sister and I created the original spy mission fifteen years ago so that our ten-year-old brother would pay more attention to the destinations he was visiting while on a world trip. 


Halfway through his first flight, a flight attendant (as asked by our parents earlier) approached him, handing him his 'Top Secret' mission. Truly believing he was a spy, our brother diligently collected stamps, postcards, maps and brochures during his travels, all the while taking notes about his activities and answering questions about his destination. 


The idea of the Kids Spy Network has grown from there and we have created more missions for kids around the world. This mission is most fun for children who can read. Children who can't read can still do this with the help of their parents.  


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The Hunt For The Red Raven

Runs for approx 1 hour

  • Children work alone or together to solve our latest case and catch the RED RAVEN!

  • Mission includes code breaking, secret messages, problem-solving and more!


Price: $15 per mission per child.

How It Works

1. Order Your Mission 

Use the form below to order and pay for your child's mission. Include your postal address and the names of the children participating. 

2. Check Your Mailbox

We'll post the order to the address you provide. It should arrive within 3-5 business days. Please order at least a week before a birthday mission.


If you need a mission urgently a printable version can be arranged for self-printing. 

3. Prepare The Mission For Your Child

Write your child's name and give them an agent name.

Check the mission is ready and devise a devious way to present it to your child. 

See below for some ideas. 

(This is the fun part!) 

4. Deliver The Mission To Your Child. 

The magic of the secret mission comes from children believing they have really been recruited as an international spy. Some suggestions to make the experience more realistic are...


  • Ask A Waiter to Bring it to your table halfway through dinner.

  • Hide it in the mailbox (Once you've filled out the agent profile) or leave it under their pillow.

  • Have hotel staff bring it to your room.

  • Hide it in a book they're reading.

  • Stick it under their chair, then have someone hand them a note saying "Look under your seat".

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