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Looking for a unique way to keep the kids entertained for hours?? The Ulitmate Boredom Buster pack from the Kids Spy Network is the perfect school holiday activity - providing hours of fun and entertainment for kids while allowing them to sharpen their imagination, and develop a wide range of skills as they go undercover and become part of a worldwide spy network. Combining problem-solving, code-breaking, cultural awareness, and puzzles in a unique and sophisticated spy package, kids genuinely believe they are an international spy taking part in a mysterious mission!

The Boredom Buster pack contains nine missions for up to three children, each taking up to an hour to complete.

These include With a top secret code name, children will have to break codes, decipher secret messages and solve problems. Some missions also involve encrypted videos on secret websites to help solve the case. Kids spy network will provide you with a personalised workbook for your team of spies. In a few simple and quick steps everything is set up and the mystery-solving can begin!

What you need to do:

Order a Kids Spy Network ultimate boredom buster package

Follow the voucher directions to download the missions instantly.

Print the missions at home and come up with an exciting way to deliver the mission to your child

Delivery ideas:

Ask a waiter to bring it to your table

Hide it in the mailbox

Leave it under their pillow

Hide it in a book they're reading

Stick it under their chair, then have someone hand them a note saying "Look under your seat"


Get all of our missions:
The Hunt for the Red Raven Part I, II + III

The Great Gnome Napping: Part I + II

The Case of the Missing Maple Syrup

The Case of the Street Sign Switcher

The Bucket-Hatted Bandit Strikes Again


Operation Pura Vida


These interactive adventures are suitable for children aged 6-11, older children can complete this on their own, however younger children may need a little bit of parental guidance.


This is a digital product available as an instant download for home printing.

The Ultimate Boredom Buster Pack

  • Terms and Conditions

    When using these missions, either through purchase or voucher redemption, consumers agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. 

    1. All content and designs in the secret missions belong to  Kids Spy Network and are subject to copyright. No part of the missions or our website is to be copied or reused without express consent from the Kids Spy Network or its members.

    2. The content provided to customers either through purchase or as a gift is not to be altered in any way and is to be used only as expressly directed when purchased.

    3. The Kids Spy Network or its members are not responsible in any way for any damages that occur, emotional or otherwise, that occur with the use of this product, particularly if the missions are not used as directed.

    4. Missions or part of the missions are not to be shared or distributed to persons other than the purchaser. 

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