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Having a Birthday Party? 

Our missions are perfect for birthday parties. Children just need access to the internet and some pencils for your child's party to suddenly become a top secret adventure that can be done at any location.


Your job is to order the missions and prepare them ahead of time with the children's names and give them a secret agent name. You then need to devise a way to surprise your children with the missions. You can have them discover them in a secret hiding spot, leaving them a secret message telling them where to look or have someone bring them the missions in an unsuspecting location. 


Depending on your time limit you run just Vol I (Usually runs from 45mins to 1 hour) or have all three Volumes in the three part series, surprising the children with them completing them one at a time as they help the agency trace and catch the Red Raven. *Spoiler alert... the Red Raven is a double agent.


If your children don't get through all three volumes during the party the final volume can be given to parents to complete at another time individually, adding to the mystery. 




 If you're thinking about having a party and want to find out more, send us a message below. 



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We don’t have any products to show right now.

What are the videos about?

As your child completes the mission, they will be directed to contact Agent Headquarters. (Check it out here).  As they solve the clues they will be asked to send their work to headquarters and then will be able to unlock the videos to see the 'live' transmission from our senior agents as they continue the hunt for the red raven. 


To the children, this seems as though they are active participants in the hunt, and headquarters is relying on their information. 


*A quick note about headquarters. 

We take online safety for children seriously. We do not communicate with your child, allow them to talk to anyone else or collect any personal information from them when using the website. We reccomend that you have a look yourself before giving the mission to the children, just to see how it works! 

What else do I need to know?

This is a three part series and you will need to give the missions to the children in the correct order. This is helped by the fact that we have written VOLI, VOL II and VOL III on the envelopes. Each mission should take about an hour to complete, however children go through at different rates depending on their age and problem solving abilites. 

The missions will have the kids breaking codes, solving puzzles and finding out about the world around them. They have been instructed that they are allowed to show their parents, but ONLY after making them promise to keep the mission a secret!

Wait, how does it work? It's just an activity book, why do the Kids think they are secret agents?

The best part of these secret missions is the kids really believe they are secret agents. Many of them won't even show their parents, much to the amusement of the purchaser. Have a look at the messages they send to headquarters while completing their missions here.


It works because of the way you deliver it. You write the kids name and give them a secret agent on the missions. You then devise a mischievous way to give it to them. We have a more detailed explanation here

I still have lots of questions! 

Visit our frequently asked questions page here , or just send us an email using the form here

I'm sold! Let's get started! I know my kids will love being secret agents. 

Just use the form on this page to make your order. We'll post the missions to you asap! Find us on Facebook and Instagram and keep posted about future missions. 

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