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Frequently Asked Questions



How do the missions work?

This question has it's own page. Have a look here. 

Do I need one mission per child?

The packs are designed for an individual child and we think they get the most out of the experience by having their own pack. This means they have to do as much reading and problem-solving on their own as possible, even when working as a group. That said, you can also give children a pack to share. We would recommend limiting two children to share a mission ( we understand some children are a little young to do the missions on their own but still want to be included. You can simply write their name and agent name on the pack to go with their older siblings).

How young is too young and how old is too old?

This is a tricky question, we suggest the missions are best suited for children between the ages of 6-11, however, if your younger child is a pretty smart cookie and loves reading, they can do it with parental assistance. Older children will depend greatly on their skeptical levels and ability let their imagination loose. You know your child better than we do, but 6-11 is a rough suggestion.  

How long do the missions take?


Most missions take about an hour to complete, older children will usually finish the mission much faster than younger children.

What happens when the missions are completed?


The mission pack will receive a mission completed certificate for you to hide for your child to find once they have completed the mission.

Can I use the missions for a birthday party?

These missions are a great birthday party activity. If you purchase the Red Raven series and don't get through all three missions, you can send VOL II or III home with the parents to surprise their child at home.