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The Case of The Street Sign Switcher. 

A Queenstown Wharf Adventure.

The people of Queenstown are at their wits end! Someone has been switching the street signs around town, which has been confusing everyone, especially the tourists! Traffic is out of control and the mayor has personally asked the Kids Spy Network for help!



With this mission, your child will explore the Queenstown Wharf, looking for clues left behind by our senior agents. Missions can be purchased from Bound Bookstore located at 1B/3 Church St, Queenstown (Closed Sundays)

You can also use the form below to order missions and have them posted to you. Please allow at least a week for postal delivery. 


Missions are $23per pack and include an entry for 1 x child to KJET underwater observatory as a part of their mission.

Purchase this mission at Bound Bookstore when in Queenstown. 

What Does This Mission Involve?

This Queenstown wharf adventure works a little bit like a scavenger hunt. 

Children will be required to find and locate 7 different stations around the wharf. Each point will have a different activity for them to complete. The mission includes


-The discovery of famous statues around the wharf area.

-Secret agent activites. 

-Entry into the underwater observatory (entry for one child included in the price of the mission)

-Educational awareness of the T.S.S Earnslaw, the Maori history of the lake and very special task to collect the clues and solve the mystery.


We don't want to tell you everything as it will spoil the fun! All reports are that parents enjoy the mission just as much as the children!



kids activity queenstown
kids activity queenstown
kids activity queenstown
kids activity queenstown
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What else do I need to know?

This is a single time mission, it can be done at any time and at your own pace. Children usually take between 1-2 hours to complete the mission, depending on the age. You will need a pencil for the children and an umbrella for the cold weather. Smartphones are not required to complete the mission.

Wait, how does it work? It's just an activity book, why do the Kids think they are secret agents?

The best part of these secret missions is the kids really believe they are secret agents. Many of them won't even show their parents, much to the amusement of the purchaser. Have a look at the messages they send to headquarters while completing their missions here.


It works because of the way you deliver it. You write the kids name and give them a secret agent on the missions. You then devise a mischievous way to give it to them. We have a more detailed explanation here



I still have lots of questions! 

Visit our frequently asked questions page here , or just send us an email using the form here

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