Welcome To The Kids Spy Network

We create printable, interactive secret missions where children

become secret agents and save the world from mischief and mayhem!

How it works: 

1. Order the missions, your child's name will be added and an agent name assigned (0r choose one yourself). The missions will be emailed to you as a PDF that you print at home.


2. Devise an ingenious way to present your mission to your child so that they truly believe they have been recruited to be a spy. You can leave it in the letterbox or have someone leave it at the front door. 

3. Watch as your child is transformed into a secret agent who helps the agency to solve the latest case. Children will be directed to a website, AKA 'Headquarters' where they will unlock videos as they solve the case, giving them a sense of achievement as the information they send headquarters leads our senior agents to solve the case and catch the mischief-maker. 

We have seven different cases for your children to solve!

Our Story

When our little brother was ten years old he went on a world trip with our parents. We created and printed a secret spy mission for him to complete on his travels and had a flight attendant hand it to him.


He spent his whole trip thinking he was a spy and collecting brochures, stamps, coins and taking photos. For him, this added an extra element of excitement to his trip and made him so much more interested in the things around him.


We want to recreate the same experience for children around the world. At home or on holiday. We have developed secret missions that capture the imagination of children so that they learn about the world while becoming secret agents.


In The Lyon's Den

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