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The Origins of The Kids Spy Network

Sometimes the best ideas come from out of the blue. One lazy Sunday afternoon I was at home chatting with Mum about a world trip she had done fifteen years ago with my Dad and little brother. She was saying how much fun it was, especially with the spy mission my sister and I had made for our brother.

"What spy mission?" I said.

"You know, you and Jemma made him a secret spy mission, gave him an agent name, put his photo on it and we got the flight attendant to bring it to him in the middle of the flight. It was so funny. All the other flight attendants were watching to see what he would say."

"Wait, what? We did that?"

"Yes, he loved it, he spent the first few days of our trip looking around in wonder in case there were other secret agents around. We still have all the things he collected from his mission.:

"I have no idea what you're talking about. I honestly can't remember, and he believed it?" I said.

"He took it so seriously that at one point we had to tell him it was you who had made it, wait here, I'll go find it!"

And so, something that had been forgotten for 15 years became the inspiration for a new business. Our brother later said it was a genuinely exciting moment of his childhood and he couldn't believe how lucky he was to have been recruited as a secret agent.

The coolest thing about making these missions is seeing the excited responses from kids that range from "I will do my best" to "Thank you SOOOOOO much for recruiting me to be a secret agent" to "how did you know to pick me? Can I please tell my friends".

Like any small business, there are days when the future looks a bit daunting, but it is these messages we ('headquarters') receive from our agents that remind me what a cool thing it must be to be a child and feel as though you have been recruited to be a secret agent. Even better are the message we get from parents thanking us for making an activity that has their children working together and transporting them into another world.

It makes it all worthwhile and we just want to share this experience with as many children as possible.

(This message literally just arrived in my inbox and is exactly what I'm talking about :)

And this is from yesterday :)

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