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You have been recruited to be a secret agent.....

You are 7 years old and running out to the tree in your back yard. To others, it is only a 5 metre Jacaranda Tree, but to you, it is your fort. It is the Pirate ship you sailed across oceans or your castle where you rule. You climb the wooden steps, nailed into the truck and reach where the branches grow out. As you settle into the natural seat on one of the branches, you notice something new. A manila envelope is propped up between two branches. You pick it up, turn it over and see your name. There is another name written underneath yours an Agent Code name, What does it mean? How did it get here? In your secret spot and with your name? You turn it over, tear it open and start to read the letter at the front.

Dear Junior Agent…..

You have been recruited to the Kids Spy Network as an undercover secret agent....

And so begins one of the most exciting days of your childhood.

The Kids Spy Network is an interactive organisation, recruiting Junior agents to help crack codes and stop mischief makers all over the world. What you receive from this experience, is watching your child be engaged, excited and become independent learners. As they work their way through each volume, helping the Senior Agents catch the mischief makers, children feel included, creating a special experience that they will remember forever.

Parent's purchase our secret missions, prepare them with their child's name, give them a secret agent name and mischievously find a way to surprise their child with the mission. Our mission is to help children to be engaged in their community and build a respect for the environment. Find out more here.

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