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The Children Of Queenstown Investigating The Cause of The Terrible Traffic

Secret Agents Called In To Solve The Mystery of Queenstown's Crazy Traffic

Residents of Queenstown are all too familiar with the traffic problems that are plaguing the town as it grows at unprecedented pace. What they are not aware of is the secret cause of this traffic.

The Kids Spy Network has uncovered a mischievous plot from the mIschief collective to disrupt the citizens of Queenstown by switching up the street signs and it's agents are on the case!

Local and visiting kids have been secretly recruited as agents to the Kids Spy Network to help uncover who this mischief maker is and where they are going next. So far the results have been promising and we are hot on the tail of this wayward trouble maker!

One of our senior agents at the Kids Spy Network has been tracking the Mischief Collective and has narrowed down the culprit to four notorious suspects, Sarah Smarty Pants, Timmy Trickster, Jimmy the Joker and Mindy the Minx. This agent has been called away on another urgent mission, however they left behind a series of clues around the Queenstown wharf. Our newly recruited agents are on the ground, finding these clues and sending them back to headquarters. Hopefully through their hard work we will be able to catch the culprit and restore the sanity of Queenstown residents!

If you know any children who might be able to help in the hunt for this troublemaker, get in touch with the Kids Spy Network for Recruitment information at

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