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Boy 10, Recruited to International Spy Agency

Russell Graham was your average ten year old about to depart on a 6 week world trip with his parents. Little did he know, he had actually been selected by an international spy agency for kids to be a secret agent.

A brief had been prepared for his trip and no sooner as his first flight had left the ground, he was approached by the flight attendent who handed him an envelope with his name on it

Russell couldn't believe his eyes. There was this document with his name on it, asking him to accept the position of an undercover secret agent for an international agency of spies for children. His mission would be to assume the role of a traveller, and use this cover to collect information about all the locations he would be visiting.

By the end of his trip, Russell had collected postcards, stamps, coins and maps from some amazing locations including Auckland, NZ, Honolulu, Hawaii and London, England. He spent his entire trip engaged and curious about his whereabouts answering questions about various locations and tracking his location as he went.

Now Russell is a little older (22 in fact) and he knows that the mission was actually created by his two older sisters and his parents organised for the flight attendant to hand it to him. The Kids Spy Network has become real now though (sort of) and kids all over the world can have the same experience, either at home or on holiday. We create missions for kids, matched for their age and circumstances that you can print and organise your own unique way to have it given to them, giving them the chance to join our international agency of child spies.

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